In the meeting

In the business session, latest developments in schemes in U.S relating to seniors and recent guidelines relating to travel to India are discussed.

Outside the meeting

Help to new immigrants in availing facilities like Immigration, Medi-Cal, Transportation,  Housing, Medi-Care, Cal-Fresh etc will be extended by members who are "City-trained Community Ambassadors for Seniors"


Group-trips to places of interest and picnics in the central park are being arranged periodically.

Help when needed

Whenever members have problems relating to SSI, Medi-Care, Medi-Cal etc, our Community Ambassadors will try to solve them with the help of the concerned departments/Senior Help-line of the city.

Helping out of loneliness

If single and lonely, phone friends and peer counselling for seniors under duress/distress will be arranged.

In a Nut-shell

In all matters relating to seniors, helping hand is always available from us.